Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Baking

I started some of my Christmas baking this morning. Today I managed to make 3 batches of Oreo Truffles. I made an original batch in dark chocolate, a golden vanilla Oreo in milk chocolate, and a mint Oreo in white chocolate batch.
Then I made those oh so yummy, yet easy pretzel kisses. I made 2 batches using regular kisses and 1 batch using the hugs.
Then I made some rolo pretzels. I made 1 batch using white pretzels, and another batch using regular pretzels.
 I found these cute little Christmas jars in the Target dollar bins and they were perfect for the rolos and kisses. 
 Boxes filled with truffles.
 I had Cole bring me in one of the large party tables this morning to give me more work space. 
 I made some snowman pops, they didn't come out as cute as the original, but they'll do. 
 Then I whipped up 2 batches of santa hat pretzels
Then I made some reindeer feed and 2 batches of saltine toffee.
Did I mention that I did all this while home alone with all 3 kids, needless to say I'm exhausted and my house is a disaster! At least, I got a start on some of my baking!

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