Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas cookies

Grace and I cooked some more Christmas cookies today. Grace really wanted to make Santa some of the break and bake cookies, and I was not going to argue with the easiness of it! The only problem is that Grace wanted to make both the reindeer ones and Christmas tree ones. That means we made 48 cookies for Santa! That is not going to help Santa's diet, so I convinced her we should bring half the cookies to Grandma and Papa's house. I think Miss Lily will be helping Santa eat his cookies this year!

Grace insisted on taking her shirt off to bake, I promise she did not get this from me. I always bake with clothes on! 
 Santa's cookies! Grace told me that "we also need to leave out some soy milk for Santa, but that Santa doesn't like soy milk, but he'll dip his cookies in it, and that he also needs a cup of tea." She also informed me that Mrs. Claus comes with him to help and that the reindeer do not need food because they eat mac n cheese and soup before they leave the North Pole. The things they come up with!
 I also tried to make some of the melted snowmen cookies. They didn't come out quite as cute as the original, but cute enough for me!


Kass said...

Too funny the stuff they say!! Also we have that Santa plate as well.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Those cookies are unbelievable!! Merry Christmas!