Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Festivities

Well, it certainly would not be a weekend in December if we didn't pack in as many Christmas activities as possible!

On Friday night I put the kids in their Christmas pajamas and we went next door for our annual Christmas cookies with the Brennans. 
Emma just watching.
 Grace making cookies with Auntie and Uncle Josh.
 Carter played us some beautiful Christmas music on the piano, okay, maybe it was only beautiful to me!
 Hard at work decorating cookies. 
I think Gracie probably did more eating of the frosting then actually decorating with it, but anyways. 
 Then on Saturday I braved the stores to finish up my shopping, before heading home for the night to finish all my wrapping, we took the kids to see this house in Lakeville.
 After spending maybe 2 hours of wrapping I was very happy to say I was done with it all!

Sunday morning we headed over to Grandma and Papa's house early to see their Christmas decorations and have breakfast.
The kids hanging out at Grandma & Papa's
 After Grandma and Papa's we went home so the kids could all nap, then we went next door again to make some gingerbread houses, which we did for the first time last year.

Grace's house, which she did all by herself! 
 My house.
 Some of the other houses

 Grace stole my camera and snapped a few shots. 

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