Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Grace has never been into the t.v. or movies, but I recently found out that Dora has a twin brother and sister. I searched for an episode that had the twins in it recorded it for Grace. Well, now she loves Dora!
The only problem is that Grace hates the map on Dora. She yells "No. No. Dora!' whenever the map appears. I try to reassure her that Dora will be back in a minute. Why she hates the map so much is beyond me!

Grace only likes the episodes that the babies are in, which unfortunately I've only found 2 that feature these guys:
So Grace forces me to watch the same 2 episoides of Dora over and over again. Day after day...oh my!
Well searching for images for this post I found out the sell a Dora doll that comes with the babies, it's called Big Sister Dora

I may just have to try to track down this doll for our Dora baby obsessed girl!

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