Monday, August 2, 2010

A Few Pictures

A picture of the ultrasound from last week. Emma & Carter's heads smushed together.
Grace trying to share her binkie with Lily

I was able to check a few things off our to do list. I finally was able to track down a going home outfit for the twins. After looking at Target, Babies R Us, and TJ Maxx, I finally found what I was looking for at Walmart. I really wanted the babies to have matching outfits, just in different colors, I had no idea how hard that would be to find!
I got Carter the yellow onesie with a blue owl on it. I got blue pants and socks to match.
We got Emma the same onesie, but in pink with a yellow owl, with a matching bow and pink socks.

I also finally raised the crib and put Emma's bedding in it.

Carter's bedding is the same thing except with green instead of purple. We only have one crib right now which is okay, since I plan on them sharing a crib for a few weeks.
You can see Carter's bedding print on the comforter on the back of the rocker here:

I was also able to get some things done for Grace's birthday party. I made her hat, her tutu, her birthday sign, her bow, her shirt, and her matching bloomers. I managed to remember to take a picture of the hat and tutu.

And I am spent now, I did all this in the past few days, which has left me feeling pretty tired. I also had my glucose test this morning. I should hear back by Wednesday about whether or not I passed.

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