Monday, August 30, 2010

30 Week Ultrasound

We had our 30 week u/s today and everything looks good! We met our new perinatologist and new techs, they all seem super nice!

Emma is still on the right side, she's head down and very low! Emma is now weighing in at 3lbs 6 oz. Carter is on my left side and has flipped back to breech. Emma is resting her feet on his poor head. Speaking of heads Carter's is measuring almost 33 weeks, yikes! I'm picturing a bobble head (a cute one, though of course!) Carter is weighing 3lbs 11 oz. A singleton baby at 30 weeks should weigh 3lbs 2oz, so we are doing VERY good! That's a total of 7lbs 1 oz, we're only a few oz. away from what Grace weighed at birth (7lbs 8oz), so within a week or so I'll be carrying more baby weight then I ever have before, nuts!

Everything looks good and I don't have another scheduled u/s until 34 weeks, which is great that they are doing that good, but feels like that's a long time away. They had a hard time getting everyone's measurements because they are pretty crammed in there now. The u/s took over an hour, but I was loving getting to see them. We got lots of great pictures, which i'll try to post later.

I have a Dr.'s appointment Wednesday, so hopeful I'm doing as well as the babies are! I'm quite swollen from being on my feet to much this weekend, plus the return of the heat is not helping. Hopeful a few days of rest will do the trick!

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