Monday, August 16, 2010

A Little Scare

Well, on Saturday, we had a little labor scare. Cole had to run a few errands with his Dad, so Grace and I tagged along. About 45 minutes into our travels I started having cramps. I get cramps usually a few times a week, but if I have a large drink and rest they usually go away within 15-20 minutes. Well, they started Saturday like they usually do, kind of dull, achy, period like cramps, nothing timeable or measurable. I thought it was kind of weird, because I knew I had drank a lot that morning, but thought maybe it just wasn't enough, or maybe the bumpy roads were irritating my uterus. After 20 minutes or so, the cramps started to get worse. The cramps were suddenly coming every 2 minutes and lasting for a minute each time, I was having to breathe through them and couldn't talk.

Talk about scary! I just kept thinking "Oh my god, this is it, we're going to have these babies, and so early!" I tried not to freak out and had Cole stop so I could get a drink and go to the bathroom. I thought maybe I just had to pee and that's why I was having contractions. Turns out my bladder was just to full. After I went to the bathroom, the contractions stopped almost immediately. Thank god! I was exhausted afterwards, but I was just happy the contractions stopped and the babies were still in my belly! I guess I just need to stop to pee more often!

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