Thursday, August 19, 2010

Second Scare

I know 2 scares in 1 week! The good news is that everybody is okay. I had a Dr's appointment yesterday and my bp, urine,  and weight were all good. I mentioned to my OB that the babies really weren't moving a lot the past few days and it was freaking me out. My OB only has a litttle hand-held u/s machine so she checked quickly and could tell they both had heartbeats and were moving around, but she decided to send me to the hospital just to be safe.

We went right from the Dr's to the hospital. They did a Bio Physical Profile on the babies. Both babies look great and passed with flying colors. Emma now weighs 2lbs 12 oz and Carter is 3lbs. That now puts Carter in the lead! They are both measuring ahead, which is great news. The u/s tech even managed to get us a few good pictures of both babies. It crazy, but I like Emma looks so much like Grace!
Emma's profile
Carter's profile, with his little hand up by his face.

After the u/s, the tech called my Dr and she said I could go home. I see her again in 2 weeks and have another u/s in 2 weeks. Hopefully now that we've had 2 little scares in a week, we will have no more for the rest of the pregnancy. I feel so much better knowing that the babies aren't moving as much, just because they are running out of room in there! Carter must've been pissed off by all the poking, because we could not sit still last night.

On the way home we managed to get a flat tire, but at least it happened a few minutes from our house, so we were able to get it home.

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