Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So today while snuggling with Grace, which was her idea...she now says "snuggle" and pats the spot next to her...who could resist that? Anyways I was snuggling and sneezed, out of no where she says "bess you!" I had no idea she knew to say 'Bless You' or that she could say it. It was so cute, so also replied with a "Thank You" after, she says "thank you" for everything now, whenever she hands you something she says "thank you', because we always say "thank you" when we receive what she is giving to us. God I love her!

In other news Grace had her last gymnastics class for the summer. Her fall classes start up Sept.1st and then dance starts the week after that. Grace was such a champ at class today, she's a pro on the bar and loves it! She was swinging and bringing her feet up to the bar today all on her own! Grace can now even say gymnastics, although it comes out like "nastics"

In pregnancy news, I went shopping today to find a dress to wear to a few of the wedding I have coming up. I was not looking forward to trying to find a dress to fit my belly as well as my plus size frame. I was able to find a cute dress on clearance at Dress Barn today and it was a few size smaller then what I had been. I guess even though I'm gaining weight and my belly is growing,  other areas are shrinking..yeah!

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