Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boston Climb

For the third year in a row (2009, 2010) Cole and his family took part in the Fight for Air Climb in Boston to help raise money and awareness for lung cancer. Cassie's roommates got a team together to do the climb 3 years ago after my father-in-law fell sick with lung cancer. Unfortunately Coley was unable to attend this year because he is sick again with either bronchitis or pneumonia. This year the team had close to 30 people and they raised over $4500 as a team!

They all had to race up 82 flights of stairs..which means they went to the top of this building!
 Yup, I said top!
Grace stayed with Cole's Mom, well...because running to the bathroom in public every 5 minutes is a pain! But the babies and I went to cheer everyone on!
"Your going up how many stairs?!"
 Sorry, are we boring you??
 What Carter did the whole time!
 Cole and his siblings
 Back of the team shirts!
 Most of the team.
 Someone loves their Auntie Cassie!
 Babies sleeping in the bar afterwards....classy, I know!
Hopefully next year I will be 70 pounds lighter and will be joining the team instead of just being a spectator!

And just because Grace makes an appearance at 40 seconds..the video from last years climb!

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