Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day..aka Pukeville!

We decided to celebrate Valentine's Day this past weekend and boy am I glad we did because I was woken up yesterday morning to Grace leaning over me and puking....Happy Valentine's Day Mom!! Ugh..we just had a stomach bug right before Christmas, aren't you supposed to get them like once every 5 years! Anyways Grace puked and had diarrhea all day. Unfortunatley Cole had to work and while Cole was working I was blessed with the stomach bug as well! Poor Grace was so weak from not eating or drinking anything. Whenever I would go to the bathroom to puke she would high tail it to the fridge and try to drink any liquids she could find. I'd yell out into between puking to not drink anything because it would make her belly sick, so she's put it back and just lay on the floor because she didn't have any energy to walk back to the couch, poor baby girl. After a few hours of no puking I started giving Grace a syringe of flat soda every 5-10 minutes. Grace perked right up after some liquids and was doing a good job until Cole got home with some gingerale. Grace chugged a cup of gingerale and before she even took the cup away from her mouth she was puking it right back up all over Cole and Emma!!

We made her go back to only drinking a syringeful at a time and she did fine with that. Grace wasn't interested in eating and around 6pm I gave her some more Tylenol and she was snuggled on my lap in just her undies and fell asleep. I put her in a night time diaper and some pajamas and then we put her to bed. She woke up around 9pm and puked all over the bed. Cole cleaned her up and she went right back to sleep. Around 11pm she was stirring so I went in and laid down with her and she slept the rest of the night fine. Although she did wake up once and reach over in the dark to find my hand and then just held hands with me.

Grace woke up this morning back to her normal self and was running around her room taking all her toys out. Hopefully the stupid stomach bug is gone and stays away for a long time! I'm spending the day debugging our house!