Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Funny Grace

Grace says the funniest things...they are often so weird, but they make me laugh!

A few recent Grace-isms:

While I was changing Carter's diaper yesterday
Grace: "What dat Mama?" (pointing to Carter's balls..)
Me: "Those are Carter's testicles. (confused look from Grace) They're his balls."
Grace: "Oh I have balls!?" looking in her undies "Mama, Grace no have balls!"
Me: "Nope, only boys have balls hunny."
Grace: "but I like balls. Balls are fun!"
....dies laughing....

Tonight I made Cole and I a salad for dinner. I asked Grace if she wanted some lettuce.
Grace: "No I eat lettuce. Lettuce ucky, it make me sick. I'll throw up. I eat Princess soup!"


While on the potty tonight...
Grace: "Mama, no eat poopy!"
Mama: "No we should NOT eat poop, that is very yucky! It will make you very sick."
Grace: "Ya, no eat Gracie poop. I eat Lily poop?"
Mama: "No we don't eat any poop, that's very yucky!"
Grace: "Yay, no eat Lily poop, no eat Daddy poop, no eat Mommy poop, no eat Emma poop, no eat Carter poop."

Grace is also on a I love everything kick. Things she's loves recently:
"I love dis soup!"
"I love dis pants"
"I love dis floor"
"I love dis bowl"
"I love dis paper"
"I love mail"
"I love dis shoes"

Where does she come up with these things!!?

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