Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Happenings

Just some random things that have been happening in our house lately!

Carter likes to use poor Emma as am arm rest!
Emma and Carter have suddenly gotten so big and love to play! They are reaching for toys and putting them in their mouths!

We finally got our 2nd exersaucer out of the basement so Emma and Carter won't have to take turns now. I also busted out the swing this past weekend. Both babies have been fighting their naps, so I thought I'd try the swing and they both LOVE it! Problem is that we only have one right now. Carter also has taken two naps in the crib the past few days!

Emma still loves her hands and stares at them all day long! Although it often looks like she's practicing karate.

Carter is trying to be a big boy and really wants to hold is own bottle.
This past Friday was a rainy day and Cole didn't have to work so we all went to the mall to pass some time. We let Grace stop and play in the arcade and she had a blast!
We've been slowly trying to add some dairy into Grace's food over the past month to see if she has grow out of her dairy allergy. We started off very slow with just foods that may contain dairy, then slowly added some into her food, then I'd put a tiny bit of cheese on her pizza. She hadn't been having any reactions to any of the dairy so after the arcade on Friday we went to Friendlys and let her eat some really ice cream for the first time!
She loved it and didn't have any reactions! It almost seems like she used to have a reaction to her poop after eating dairy but now where she is potty trained the poop doesn't touch her skin so she isn't reacting to it.

After the mall on Friday Grace's hair was a mess from the rain, so I decided to give her a wacky hairstyle to go with her wacky hair!
I've been trying to switch up Grace's hair style to find something to do with it other then pigtails, but I still love the pigtails the best.
Carter is such a ham and often flashes this smile for the camera.
Emma on the other hand often flashes me this look!
The pediatrician the other day recommended starting some foods with the babies. I picked up a sweet potato on Saturday at Whole Foods to cook up for them. Sunday morning I fed them some, I didn't think Carter would eat any since he just gags on cereal, but he loved it!
Emma loved it as well, but I expected that since she loves the cereal too.
two very messy babies!

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