Saturday, February 12, 2011

Could it be?

Could it be that my princess loving girly daughter has a tom boy streak in her? We went to Target last night to let Grace pick out another potty present for pooping on the potty all week (yay!) While we were there I let her pick out a new pair of socks from their dollar section. Grace decided not to get the Barbie ones, or the Dora ones, not the princess ones, but the black boy Woody socks.
That's fine Grace likes Toy Story and most Toy Story items are pretty boyish.

Then we had Grace pick out some Valentine's to give to people...she was trying to decide between the Tinkerbell ones, the Princess ones, the puppy ones, and the Mickey Mouse ones, yet decided last minute that she HAD to have these dinosaur ones! I guess it must be all the Dino Dan she's been watching lately!

But her girl streak is still so much stronger...she decided to pick out the Liv Katie doll as her potty present!
I think it was the fact that she comes with a skateboard and Grace had just watched the Yo Gabba Gabba episode about skateboarding! Grace decided that Katie HAD to go to the movies with her and Daddy today!

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