Friday, November 18, 2011

He's back!

As I mentioned before,we have absolutely no respect for the turkey in this house, so this past weekend we decked our halls!
Grace was so happy to have her own tree in her room.
 our tree is gated and only half decorated this year because a certain set of twins love to try to steal ornaments.
 And because he saw our lights from the North Pole Jack is back!
 This year he came with some instant snow, a Rudolph nose, a huge candy cane, and some pop rocks. "He" also covered our kitchen with snow flakes!
 Grace started running to him, once she caught a glimpse. In case you forgot they had quite the sad parting last year.
 Jack is quite the mischievous elf and covered our tree with Gracie's undies the other night.
 Then one night he brought Grace some super healthy cereal from the North Pole, but he couldn't resist it and started eating it.
Grace is so in love with Jack and runs around every morning looking for Jack. I on the other hand love the power that Jack holds "Gracie Jack is watching you. He'll tell Santa if you don't start sharing your toys!"