Friday, November 18, 2011

Enchanted Village

We went to the Enchanted Village last night. This is our 3rd year going (2009, 2010) and we go every year the Thursday before Thanksgiving and we never have to wait in line, in fact we usually have the place to ourselves, it's great.
Grace seeing Auntie Cassie
The babies just taking it all in.
Grace was excited, even though she doesn't look it. I think she just wanted to get started.
 Walking back to the Enchanted Village
Once we got in it was impossible to get a good picture of Grace, she was in awe and just kept running from one display to the next.
Trying to catch the falling snow!
Look at that smile!
The babies weren't sure what to think of it all.
Trying to catch more snow
"What is this wet stuff!"
Grace was seeing if she was tall enough for the 4D Polar Express, she was!
Cole being  the awesome guy he is, he stayed with the babies while the rest of us went on the 20 minute long ride. I was such a nervous wreck, but Grace loved it! After the Polar Express, Cole's Mom took Grace to the Lite show, while Cole and I put the babies in their pajamas and got some coffee.

We love going to the Enchanted village, it's free to get in, and so much fun. The ride and lite show cost extra but are very reasonable at $6 and $5 a piece. We definitely will be keeping with our tradition and go back next year. A word of wisdom though is to avoid it on the weekends or to close to Christmas, you could end up waiting hours just to get in!

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