Friday, November 11, 2011

Big Girl

We did it, we finally took Grace to get her ears pierced! She's been asking for a while now, and I had always said she could get them done once she asked for it.

Grace picking out her earrings!
Emma and Carter watching.
Getting the markings done.
The piercing!
She was so brave and only cried for a few seconds after.
Showing off her pretty earrings!
Enjoying some ice cream to celebrate!
After playing at the arcade for a little while we let Grace pick out some earrings for when she can change them out. Since it will be Christmas time Grace picked out some Christmas tree earrings (and some animal earrings, and cupcake earrings, but I couldn't say no, she was just too excited!)

Grace did cry a little tonight when I cleaned them, but she recovered quickly when given her vampire teeth!

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