Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Place

On Saturday we happened to be in the area so we decided to stop in to see the Christmas Place in Abington. We go every year and this year Grace LOVED it!

 Grace was so excited about all the Christmas things that she was literally running screaming from one display to the next.
 The babies just kind of took it all in.
 Santa happened to be there as well, so we let Grace stand in line to sit on his lap. She was so thrilled to talk to Santa. We didn't take her picture with Santa, well, because it's kind of pricey and Bass Pro has Santa pictures for free. Well, Grace was so upset that we didn't take her picture with Santa. In fact she was so upset that we did end up going earlier then usual and have her picture taken with Santa this past Tuesday. (which I'm sure I'll blog about later.)