Saturday, November 19, 2011

Elf Sightings

Some elf sightings lately:
Jack pretending to be a super hero, wearing a cape and mask, I threw together at the last minute.
We keep telling Grace that Jack peeks in at her in school. While I was waiting in the pick up line at school I saw him looking in the window, so I offered to give him a ride home. Grace was pretty excited to see him in the car after school. Of course she was even happier that he brought her a special treat.
 Just hanging out in our little village.
 Climbing some candy canes
 Jack brought 34 wrapped Christmas books the other day. Every night before bed Grace gets to pick one book to unwrap and read.
 Grace had a good day so Jack brought her some stamps.


Kass said...

I love these!!! Are they new books are books that you read every year but rewrap just for the excitement factor?

Kristen said...

They are all new this year, but I will be putting them away after Christmas and rewrap them next year. I'll probably change a few out each year.