Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quincy Parade

Sunday we took the kids to the Christmas parade in Quincy.
Grace sitting in her chair, waiting.
 We brought 2 single strollers, instead of our double, it's just so much easier to navigate through crowds with 2 singles.
 We had to wait a while for the parade to start, so we ate the lunches we had packed.
 Typical Carter, just lounging eating his sandwich.
 Lounging with Cole's hat.
 Grace convinced us to buy her a reindeer on a leash.
 The babies started to get fussy in their stroller, so Cole put Carter in the back pack carrier and I put Emma in the front carrier and they were content for the parade.
 The parade starting.
 Just taking it all in
 Emma is apparently going to be the next Queen, because that girl loves to wave! She waved to every single person for the whole parade. Such a dainty little princess wave too.
 Grace with her clapper.
 Carter loved playing with Cole's hat.
 Grace wanted a hug from almost every character in the parade. She did get one from Donald Duck.


Kass said...

ok where do you find out about these things that go on around here? I feel like we don't go to anything, because I never know about them.

Kristen said...

I usually just hear about them from other people. I did a post the other day on The signature Mom blog (which is a local blog with local events) about some things we plan on doing this winter http://signaturemoms.com/2011/11/28/winter-fun/

We are thinking about checking out the elf on the shelf hayride this weekend in Wareham! http://oldcompanystore.com/events.html