Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! Saturday was Jacob's dedication, it was beautiful, and Cole and I were so honored to be Jacob's godparents.

Gracie all dressed up for the dedication.
Gracie and I dressed up and no I didn't end up wearing the blue sweater I wore a purple one instead.

Jacob excited about his day!
Jacob's handsome brother!
Jackson taking care of his baby brother.
Grandma, Papa, and Jacob.
Jacob and his beautiful Mama!
Gracie hanging with Grandma.
Jacob's Daddy singing a beautiful song to his boys.
Jackson helping the minister.
Cole, Gracie, my sister, and Jacob.
Cole, Jackson, Josh, and Grace.
The Brennan's
Jackson (with his fake smile) and Grace.
Jacob staring at the pretty flowers.
Grace passed out after a long day.
Sunday, since it was so nice out, we all took a walk.
Lily soaking up the sun.
and licking her lips
We made Grace some peas for the first time today and she loved them!
She loved them so much that she didn't even get a drop of peas on her hands, bib, or highchair!
Apparently Lily and Gracie are teaming up now. Cole was feeding Lily some pretzels and if he stopped Grace would fuss until Cole gave Lily another one.

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