Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Review

We had a great weekend!
Grace played with her toes
and played in her toy basket

Sunday was Cole's 25th birthday, so I made him a Better Then Sex Cake, it's super easy.
First make a chocolate cake following the directions on the box.
Then when it is done poke a million holes in it.
Then pour a can of sweetened condensed milk over it,let it soak in.
Then pour a jar of hot fudge sauce over the cake. Then put it in the fridge.
After a few hours add cool whip and eat! (This is NOT dairy free so I did not try it but Cole loved it and ate the whole thing all by himself!)
We spent some time over the Brennans' house celebrating Cole's birthday.
Jacob being cute!
Gracie tried plums for the first time and really enjoyed them.
Grace eating Cole's birthday cards.
Giving Cole his cards.
Just being cute!
Cole eating his last piece of cake.
Gracie wishing she had cake
Lily hoping Cole drops his cake.

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