Thursday, March 12, 2009

What We've Been Up To

I took some pictures of Grace's cute little toes. I just thought her feet looked so cute in those pajama pants.

Grace showed off her cute belly! Nom Nom
Grace practicing her fake smile already.
Just love those baby blues.
Poor Miss Grace has not been herself this week. Grace has been extra whiney, which is so not like our happy baby, she's been pulling her ears, and then her eyes started getting all crusty, so we took her to the doctor's today. Grace has an ear infection and conjunctivitis, poor baby. Look at those poor eyes this morning.
Today after putting in her eye ointment. Poor baby looks like she got in a fight :(
In other news I've been doing some baking for Jacob's dedication Saturday. I made Bakerella's famous cupcake bites.

I also made the brownie cookie things again.
Then I made Saltine Toffee...yum!
I've also been making pom pom's for Grace's welcoming in April.

Oh yes, and at the doctor's today Grace weighed a whopping 20 lbs 7 oz!


Auntie said...

1. I want to eat those cute toesies.
2. Her eyes make me cry. Poor baby.
3. The cupcake bites look sooo perfect! You are a good little baker!! Thank you!
4. Cole's chest hair takes my breath away :)

Uncle Josh said...

actually, for me - can put her toes IN the cupcake bites?

and, cole - I know a good website you can upload that sweet-ass chest pic to.

Cole said...

"4. Cole's chest hair takes my breath away :)"

funny, you said the same thing last night while Josh was workin, but i'm pretty sure it wasn't my chest hair you were talking about...

And apparently toes taste great?? weirdos...