Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Photos and Videos

Friday night we went to the Brennans' like we usually do, Auntie was tickling Jackson and hearing Jackson laugh was making Jacob laugh, it was so sweet! Here's a little video of the cuteness (sorry it's dark I took it with my camera).

Just a cute picture of Jacob

Grace and I played under the blankets Saturday and she thought it was so funny!

Then we had a little mini photo shoot, what else is there to do when your bored?!

Finding her shoes and sitting up like a big girl

I love the look she's giving me here


Not a huge fan of my decision to try some stomach pictures
I made some applesauce for Grace, it was so easy! I peeled 5 red delicious organic apples, cut them, steamed them for 10 minutes, and then pureed them in the magic bullet. Oh, and the magic bullet is absolutely amazing, a must have!
Grace LOVES the apples, she actually finished the whole container in one sitting. She usually only eats half of the container at a sitting.

Gracie trying to share her apple hands with Lily

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Auntie said...

What a big girl!! And so pretty too. I hated making applesauce - but I was boiling the apples, not steaming. Now I know what to do!!!