Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Half Birthday

Wow, Grace, today is your half birthday, can you believe it? I certainly can not! You're becoming such a big girl! Some things you do:
~ You roll around like a mad woman, all over the house.
~ You can sit up all by herself and you do a better job at catching yourself when you're falling.
~ You can go from siting to your belly, but it's usually an accident and happens when you lean to far forward for a toy, yet you manage to handle the transition well on our own.
~ You learned how to give and receive kisses. If you want to give me a kiss you grab my face and pull me to your big ole' open mouth. If I ask you for a kiss you usually dive at my lips with your open mouth. We have yet to capture this on film. You will kiss me over and over, but the minute the camera comes out you'd rather try to get the camera then kiss me.
~ You suddenly noticed Lily and you're in love! You grab her face to give her kisses, which causes her to lick you like crazy, which you think is so funny. I on the other hand try to limit this, as cute as it is, Lily does eat poop and I really don't want her tongue in your mouth, sorry!
~You make lots of sounds but still no words
~ You understand the sign for milk and all done. Once I thought you signed milk, but I haven't seen you do it again.
~ You try to grab for everything now. If Daddy or I have food or a drink in our hands you will swat at it, same goes for the camera.
~ You found your feet and love to play with your toes and stick them in your mouth
~ Your favorite toy right now is probably your Sophie the Giraffe teether and your Winnie the Pooh crinkle book.
~ You love row, row, row your boat and the wheels on the bus.
~You still sleep with me, but you've become a much better sleepier. You usually sleep 11 hours a night and only wake up 1-2 times.

Overall in the last month you've made leaps and bounds! You're really not a little itty bitty baby anymore. I love you with all my heart and can't believe how fast your life is flying by. I really am trying to soak up every minute of this, every minute of you!

Now to picture of today. I added the 6 month picture to compare with the others here.

Changing table picture
chair picture

Plus some other cute ones I had to share!

Of course we wore party hats to celebrate Grace's half birthday!
Look at that face she's giving me!

Pretty necklaces for the half birthday girl

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meistermag said...

That's wonderful! I hope Grace continues to develop and grow into a wonderful young lady! And I hope you eventually are able to tell us "a story!"