Friday, September 24, 2010

2 Year Check-up

Grace had her 2 year check-up yesterday. She did great. They had her stand on the big girl scale and had her stand up against the wall to measure her height. Cole and I couldn't believe she was old enough to use the big scale...where'd our baby go?

She did a great job waiting for the doctor.
She let the doctor look her over without crying and managed to answer most of the doctor's questions. Grace even told the doctor about gymnastics and dance. Everything looks great. Grace is in the 98th% for height and 95th% for weight. She's 36 in. and weighs 33 pounds. We finally got a referral to see an allergist about her food allergies, so we're waiting for a call back to see when we can get her in. Grace got her flu shot along with her 2nd Hep A and the finger stick to check her lead and iron levels. Grace did great with the finger stick, but was not happy with the shots. After the RN gave her a new book, she calmed down. It's crazy that the next time we have an appointment with the pedi. it will probably be for the twins!

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