Friday, September 10, 2010

Dance Time

On Wednesday Grace had gymnastics and dance! Gymnastics went well, except for the 2nd week in a row I've thought I was going to pass out. Cole and I decided that Wednesday was probably the last gymnastic class I should attend. I guess the standing for 45 minutes is just to much for me now. This makes me really sad because I love watching her progress each week, but I know it's better for both me and the babies.

After gymnastics we came home, had lunch, then got ready for her first dance class. I was still feeling really crappy from gymnastics and I had to go to the Dr.'s after dance, so we decided that Cole would take Grace to dance while I stayed home. Of course before she left for class I snapped a few pictures of my cute little dancer!
So excited!
She was so happy she finally got to wear her new dance shoes.
And because she's goofy, she decided to pretend she was sleeping, while I was taking pictures.

Cole said she did good at dance. There are 7 kids in her dance class, 3 were older and have done dance before she they knew what they were doing; the other 3 clung to their parents; and Grace was in the middle. She didn't cling to Cole or cry for him (the parents are supposed to wait outside of the room, but because it was the first class they let them sit in because they didn't know how the kids would react) but she did kind of cling to the teacher. I guess she was quiet and followed direction but stayed close to the teacher. I don't know everything they did at class but Grace showed me they hopped and walked on their tip toes.

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