Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grace's 2nd B-day (picture heavy)

Yesterday for Grace's Birthday, we woke her up early and gave her, her favorite breakfast...french toast sticks from BK!
She just kept saying she was sleepy and then would pretend to sleep...sily girl!
Grace all dressed in her birthday outfit!
We then got in the car and drove to an indoor play place, Kidz Wurld. Grace took a nap on the way there.
Grace ready to play after a quick nap!
Grace was a little apprehensive at first.
Then she found the ball pit!
and the slide
Grace LOVED this car coaster, although it gave me a heartache!

After 1.5 hours of playing Grace was ready for a nap!

We then headed to lunch at Chili's.
The birthday girl and I.

Daddy and the birthday girl.

Grace got salsa and guacamole, her favorite!

She loves them so much, she drank every last bit!
Then we all went to Petco, where Grace picked out a fishie!
Then we let Grace decorate her own birthday cake, she had a blast!
I bought 2 cans of frosting because I figured she'd probably eat a lot of it, while frosting the cake...I was right!
She added sprinkles as well!
The finished cake!
Grace then took a quick bath and then opened her new doll! The doll drinks & pees, what was I thinking! Now I have to change her dolls diaper a million times a day! Grace loves her though and even took her to bed with her last night.
After all that Cole went to hockey and Grace took a 3 hour nap! She had a great birthday!

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