Friday, September 10, 2010

32 Weeks

Wow, 32 weeks! I had a Dr.'s appointment on Wednesday, things look good. My bp was a little high (140/78) but my OB wants to wait and see what it is next week, before she decides to increase my meds. I'm feeling AWFUL! Everything hurts and all my symptoms have returned ten fold. My OB reassured me that this is all normal and reminded me that even though I'm only 32 weeks pregnant with twins, that's the equivalent of being 40 + weeks pregnant with a singleton baby, so my body things I'm getting toward the end of my pregnancy. Which means everything hurts and feels awful. I'm always on the verge of tears all day long, it's exhausting. My OB said she feels so bad for me so she's going to see if the hospital will allow her to schedule my c/s for 38 weeks, they usually won't let you schedule anything before 39 weeks, but she's really going to try to push for me. Hopefully at our appointment next week we'll get an answer.

Yesterday morning I went to L&D for my 1st NST (non-stress test). I will go every week for a NST just to check-up on the babies. The babies did great yesterday, but my nurse was not happy at all! She was so mean to me, which had me on the verge of tears the whole time. She was pissed that she had do do my NST and that it was twins. She even said "Twins!? Are you serious? Are they hard to put on the monitor (sigh)!'
Whoa, way to ruin my experience lady! Fortunately they were very easy to find and cooperated very well! My OB happened to be doing rounds while I was there so she came in to check on me. My bp was 128/78, but I was laying down, so we'll see what it is next week. She was very impressed with how well the babies were doing. The babies passed after 20 minutes and I was allowed to go home. Something about being in L&D hooked up to monitors that suddenly made this all seem so real, and made me so nervous!

My 24 hour urine came back fine, so all my symptoms are just because of the stress of 2 babies, not pre-eclampsia, thankfully.

How Far Along? 32 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes

Weight Gain? 32 pounds

Stretch Marks? Yes, getting more every day!
Sleep? not sleeping at all! I actually had to have Cole come home early yesterday b/c I was so tired that I was a mess. I was sobbing and could not get Grace to nap. Luckily he came home and watched Grace while I napped. I'm telling you I'm a mess these days, the hormones, the tears, the lack of sleep, the pain, the headaches, they just all get the best of me.

Best Moment of the Week? Hearing I passed my 24hour urine. I was so nervous that I was starting to develop pre-e just because I've been feeling so awful lately, but thankfully it's just all normal.
Genders? A boy and a girl...Coleman Carter and Emily Katherine

Belly Button In or Out? neither, it's flat & so sore.
                                         yup that little line is my belly button!

Cravings? I really have been craving baked breads..blueberry,banana, cinnamon. I also really want some fruit snacks or gushers.

What I Miss? sleeping, breathing, being able to move, being able to play with Grace, being able to control my emotions. walking

What I Love? Feeling both babies move, watching Grace talk to the babies!

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Grace's birthday is Monday! How is she almost 2!
Milestones? 32 weeks down, only 4-7 weeks left!
Feeling the Babies Move? I feel Carter more then Emma these days. Emma is so low that she really has no room to move. At my appointment on Wednesday she was so low in my pelvis that you can barely see her head now on the u/s, yikes! This is probably why I can barely walk these days. Carter has flipped once again and is head down. All his flip flopping makes for lots of moving. He's head down, but no were near as low as Emma. Emma is determined to be the first one out, Carter on the other hand couldn't care less. He's the "laid back baby" as my OB refers to him.

Other Thoughts? I'm just so happy and thankful to have made it this far. Keep growing babies!

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