Monday, December 20, 2010

Almost Time to Go

I'm sure you all have been following along with Jack and his elfcapades, please note the sarcasm. Well here are some of the recent Jack spottings:
Grace talking to Jack.

Hanging with the snowmen.

Everyone loves that princess tree, Jack included!

Jack left Grace the peep trees she's been begging for!

Jack missed the cold weather of the North Pole, so spent the day hiding in our freezer.

Sitting in our tree.

Hanging with Lucy.
Grace really loves Jack and runs to find him every morning without any prompting, We've been trying to prep her for the fact that Jack has to return to the North Pole in a few days. I really think she's going to be heartbroken when he's gone, maybe he'll have to stop back a few times throughout the year, you know just to check in on her!