Monday, December 6, 2010

Early Intervention

If you remember about a month ago we had the babies evaluated for early intervention and they qualified. Last week the Developmental Specialist came and worked with Carter. We all played on the floor together. She had Carter lay on his belly to try to get him to work on his head control. She also shook toys to try to get him to find the noise and follow it. Carter was very vocal and did some babbling when spoken to. He was also able to hold his head up for short periods of time.

Today the specialist came to work with Emma. She did lots of talking to Emma to try to get her to coo. Emma is sort of slacking in the vocal department. After lots of encouragement Emma did manage to let out a few sounds here and there. Emma was all smiles the whole time though and loved looking at her self in the mirror.

The things the specialist wants us to continue to work on is tummy time to improve their head control and singing to encourage vocalizing.

Today we also went ahead and had Grace tested just to make sure that she is where she needs to be development wise. Grace did not qualify, which is good news. Grace is currently 26 months, her scores are as follows:
       fine motor- 30 months
       gross motor- 34 months
       cognition- 33 months
       expressive- 27 months
       receptive- 23 months (they did say there was a glitch in their scoring system and they were missing the score for this, so she scored low because there was missing  parts)        social emotional- 34 months
       self care- 27 months
Grace needed to score at 19 months in order to qualify. It was very reassuring to know that Grace is where she needs to be development wise.

The specialist will be back weekly to work with the babies.