Saturday, December 11, 2010

Felt Board

The other day I dug out my scraps of felt and decided to whip together a felt board for Grace really quickly.I just glued down the one full piece of felt I had (green) on a piece of cardboard. I then cut out shapes out of the scraps. Felt is great because it sticks to itself without the need of any glue. This way Grace can create and recreate what ever she wants.
Faces happy or sad
Shapes to build a house
Snowman shapes

Grace playing with her felt board 

I also made a tree with removable leaves, a Christmas tree with removable ornaments and a star, a snowy scene, a build your own Elmo and Muno (from yo Gabba Gabba), plus a sun and clouds. Grace really seems to like it and it was easy to make and cost me nothing, sense I had all the supplies already!