Monday, December 6, 2010


Sorry for the lack of blogging. Our house was hit with that awful stomach big that has been going around and then we all went right from the stomach bug into a cold...yuck!

Last Saturday night we went to the Holiday Stroll in Rockland. Apparently I only snapped 1 picture. Grace all bundled.
As soon as we walked in the door from the stroll, Grace started puking. 20 minutes later I started puking. Cole was upstairs putting Grace to bed and I was downstairs with the babies.  I was holding both babies and suddenly needed to puke. I was able to grab the bucket and just missed puking on the babies, yikes! I had to yell up for Cole to come help. Fortunately, Cole never got the vomiting part of the bug, but did get the fever and other stomach issues, so he took over with the babies for the night, while I spent the night puking my brains out. Poor Grace was such a trooper about being sick, she just kept saying her belly hurt and just kept rubbing her belly saying "dairy." Poor thing thought she had dairy and that's why she was sick. She did love the fact that she got to drink gingerale because she was sick though.

While we were all laid up with the stomach bug, both Emma and Carter started smiling. It's very hard to capture there smiles on camera. These are the best I could get;

In true bad mommy fashion I managed to give both Emma and Carter their first boo-boos one the same day. I was trying to cut their finger nails and managed to get both of their skin. Hey, at least they can't claim I played favorites, seeing as I made both them bleed within 2 minutes of one another.
Carter's band-aid
Emma's band-aid

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