Saturday, December 11, 2010

Night Out

At Cole's hockey practice on Monday night, one of the hockey parents gave Cole 3 of his season tickets to the Bruins game on Thursday. Cole was so excited because, well he loves hockey and they were great seats. After discussing it we decided to try to sell the seats since we REALLY need the money right now. We had no luck selling them, but Cole's sister and Mom offered to watch ALL 3 kids so that we could both go to the game...SAY WHAT! A night out, just the two of us?!

We went and had a great time and all the kids did well!

The Bruins played the Islanders. We were late and only stayed until the end of the second period (I didn't want to leave the kids that long) but we managed to see a few goals, a fight, and a shoot out..not bad!
Mommy and Daddy's very cold night out!

View from our seats

We are so thankful for free tickets and for amazing family willing to help out. Thank you guys, it was so nice to be able to have a night out!