Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Times 3

The day after Christmas we headed over to Cole's Mom's house to have Christmas with them. Unfortunately because of the impending snow storm we opened presents, ate, and then had to leave right away. We had a great time for the few hours there and we all got great presents, including a new vacuum, alleluia!

Carter excited about more presents!

Not impressed with their shirts!

All 3 ready to go to Nana's house

Grace rocking her new jacket from Glen

Grace excited about her present from Auntie Cassie

Cassie playing in Grace's present

Grace showing Uncle Andy her new clothes

Carter snuggling his new blankie from Uncle Andy

Carter playing in his present from Nana

Grace showing off her ring

Grace and Emma

3 kids, probably planning their next meltdown, so that they can all freak out at the same time to make Mama crazy!

Babies talking

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