Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

We went to Cole's Aunt's house on Christmas Eve, like we do every year. (Here's Christmas Eve 2009 and 2008.) I of course took a million pictures, well more like 800 over the 3 days, yup, I'm crazy.
Grace and Emma

Happy Miss Emma

Me and all the kids, even got Carter sleeping in the background!

Grace, me, and a sleeping Carter

Carter rocked his hockey skates!
Here's Grace rocking the skates in 2008.
Grace put out the reindeer food before we left for Carol's

Grace and Nana

Emma and Auntie Cassie

"What do you mean I can't open all these presents?!"
Carter and Auntie Cassie

So excited about her doll set from Carol

Uncle Andy feeding Emma

All the kids in their Christmas pj's
We had to take our traditional Christmas Eve photo with Miss Grace!
We came home and left out Santa's cookies with milk and an apple for the reindeer.
We also had Grace say good-bye to Jack, since he would be returning home with Santa. Grace was very sad! It was a long night for Grace and she was so excited and tired by the time we got home!

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