Saturday, December 18, 2010

Filling Out, Pigtails, and More!

Miss Emma's face is starting to fill out
Look at those cheeks! 
Cole's Aunt gave Grace a princess Christmas tree, Grace is SO in love with it. Cole and I set it up while Grace was sleeping, so when she woke up and came downstairs and saw it she started clapping and ran over to it!
 It's so adorable and has a castle as the tree topper and princess ornaments all over it.
Grace is such a goof ball and is full of energy. Here's some proof:
So proud of herself for sneaking a Christmas peep when I wasn't looking!
Hamming it up for the camera. (As a side note Grace could not decide what color bows she wanted in her hair yesterday, she must've changed her mind at least 3 times. She ended up picking the pink & white bows, I should've guessed she'd pick the pink bow, she a pink girl!)

Dancing Queen!
More dancing!
Eating her orange!
We maybe developing another princess in training!
"Who me!?"
"Oh, but I'm just so tired!"
Carter's such a silly boy and loves to smile and stick his tongue out!
Smiling at his sister, who couldn't careless!

Oh, yes, then there's Lily. She's a pain and has been freaking out if I don't clear a spot on the couch or chair for her. God forbid you should have to lay on the floor like a DOG! The only way I can get her to lay down on the floor if the babies are on the couch is to lay down a blanket, you know because the wood floors are to hard for her. Man, even our dog is a princess!
Yes, Lily, the blanket full of baby toys is there for you!