Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Pictures

Cole and I took the kids to JCPenny to try to get pictures of the 3 of them done. To say this didn't go well, is quite the understatement. We were going to try to get some pictures of Grace by herself as well to count them as her 2 year pictures, but that didn't really happen either.

First off they schedule the appointment 10 minutes apart, so we only had a limited time to get in some shots. Fortunately the appointment after us got there early and was finishing when we got there, so we were able to have more like 15 minutes.

Grace did NOT want her picture taken and kept walking out of the room after each shot. Once we'd convince her to come back (think lots of bribing!) we'd get her in position, then the babies, then we'd try to get the babies to stop crying by giving them binkies, while trying to calm down the babies, Grace would walk out again....AHHHH!

So after lots of sweating and bribing, these are the best we could get. (I will note that I'm not posting the shot we chose, it's by no means a good shot, but the best, since we're giving them to people from Christmas, I don't want them to see ahead of time, but just thought these others were to funny to not share!)

1 crying, 1 looking away, and a half smile from Grace.

Grace in the middle of trying to leave the picture, and 2 crying babies.

Grace cheesing to hard, Carter trying to eat Grace, and Cole's hand catching Emma from falling.
 While Cole was chasing down Grace we tried to get individual shots of the babies
Emma in a box
Grace trying to roll the babies off her back, Emma looking at me, and Carter looking at the light.

Carter in a box

1 smile, 1 pout, and 1 face plant into Grace's bum!

 I snapped a photo with my camera while the photographer stepped out to take a phone call and Cole was chasing Grace.
Emma looks so sleepy and Carter with his tongue cracks me up!