Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hidden Camera

Do you ever have those days when you think am I being punked (you know, as in that old Ashton hidden camera show?) Well today is one of those days. Cole woke me up at 3:30 am to take over with the babies so he could get some sleep before work. I got up and Emma was super fussy, I finally got her back to sleep at 5:20am, Cole got up for work at 5:30am, so I got up to make sure everything's all set for the day (yay for 10 minutes of sleep!) Cole got ready and then left for work. Both babies started crying so I was trying to get them fed when I heard "Daddy, Dadddddy!" over the moniter...crap 5:30am in the morning and Grace is up. Now if Cole was home one of us could just go in and lay with Grace and she'd go back to sleep, but since I was alone I had to bring her downstairs with me and the babies, so now all 3 kids are awake.

I came back downstairs with Grace only to find out Carter had a major poop explosion while I was getting Grace. I clean him up and go to put on new clothes, I get his arms in and as I'm zipping them up he pukes all over the new clothes, ugh, another clothing change, all within 2 seconds. I wasn't even able to get him dressed completely before he needed a new outfit. Am I being punked today??

It's only 6:20am, and I already feel like I need a re-do today. I'm really hoping there is a nap in my future!