Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dieting Snacking

I've found over the years of dieting that to be the key to sticking to a diet, for me, is finding snacks that are 1- low in calories, 2- filling, and 3-yummy! Well the ones that I have really been happy with thus far are:

Cocoa Roast Almonds
OMG! These are so good! I don't know how I've gone 26 years without ever eating this until today! They come in 100 calorie packs, are filling, and taste so good! An additional pro is that the cocoa is roasted in so there's no messy cocoa fingers after. 

 Fruit filled Cottage Cheese
 In the past I've tried to force myself to eat cottage cheese because it was supposed to be good for you, but I just couldn't get past the texture. But this time around, I LOVE it! It taste good, is filling, and only has 80-120 calories (depending on the brand) per serving. 
Laughing Cow Cheese
 This stuff is just the best. It's only 35 calories a wedge and taste good on potatoes or it's great to dip pretzels in. I just love it! I also think it would be great on a bagel and a lot less calories then cream cheese. The light swiss is my favorite right now, but I've only tried a few flavors.

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