Friday, January 14, 2011

Lots of snow!

We got hit Tuesday night into Wednesday with lots of snow! At probably 2am on Wednesday morning our electricity went out, which meant no lights, no heat, no microwave, no stove..great! Around 8am our house was starting to get super cold from having no heat, so we had bundled the babies up and snuggled them close to one another for body heat. Well both babies passed out and took a nice 4 hour nap! It was so adorable! By 11am we had run out of hot water to make bottles, so we started trying to call around to see who had electricity. Cole's Mom's house was out, but my parent's had electricity and so did Cole's Aunt's house. Cole went outside to start trying to shovel us out, while I tried to pack up everyone and everything we'd need. It was snowing just as fast as Cole was shoveling, so by the time he finished the driveway the beginning looked like he never even touched it!

Babies keeping each other warm!

We were planning on getting everyone in the car and just driving as slow as possible to the nearest house with heat. Just as we were getting ready to leave our electricity came back on! Thank god! I unpacked everyone and everything and cranked the heat!

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