Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 3 & Week 3

I must say that day 3 of potty training has gone a lot better! Grace was accident free all day and even pooped ON the potty! She managed to stay dry at gymnastics and peed on the potty as soon as she got home! We stopped setting the timer today and just asked her every now and then if she needed to use the potty. Grace would say when she needed to potty and we'd run to the potty and she'd go! We were eating dinner and she asked for the potty, we got down, and sat on the potty and sure enough she pooped! We did quite the potty dance after that one!

Today marked 3 weeks since starting my diet! I'm feeling good about it and am happy to say that I have not cheated once, or gone out of my calorie range, nor have I felt the need to. I'm down 11.1 pounds as of this morning!

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