Monday, January 3, 2011


We finally decided to switch Pediatricians after feeling like all of our concerns were being ignored by our Pediatrician. Cole took Emma and Carter to our new doctor today for their 2 month check up. While he was there he told the new doctor of our concerns. We are concerned about both babies reflux, they both are constantly puking up everything they eat. Their Zantac was working for a few weeks, but now it seems like the dose just isn't touching the reflux. The new doctor said their dose was really high for their past weight and is still really high for their current weight, so she can't increase it. She did however think that we should go see a GI specialist and have them help us come up with a plan to help their reflux, which could mean changing meds, or thickening their bottles, etc.

We also are concerned with Carter's breathing. His breathing is so loud and it gets worse after he eats. Our old pedi, just kept telling us that he has a narrow airway, but never even looked at it. The new doctor said this could just be related to his reflux, but the fact that he snores could indicate that there is an anatomical problem, so she's also sending us to an ENT specialist.

Carter and Emma both have appointments on Wednesday to have ultrasounds done. They will need to fast at least 3 hours prior to the procedure, which won't be fun. They will meet with the GI the following week to go over the results of the ultrasounds. I'm very happy that this doctor is addressing our concerns and sending us to specialist, at the same time I'm a nervous wreck, thinking about all the possibilities.

Poor Emma on top of the reflux, she's having lots of belly issues. The regular formula was making her super gassy, so we switched to soy, which was going well, but started to make Em constipated. Our old pedi. told us to start giving her 2 oz. of juice a day to combat the constipation. The juice just wasn't helping and was making her reflux worse,  so we tried her on Nutramigen, which is what Carter drinks..this gave her diarrhea. So now we are back at square one and don't really know what to try next. The new pedi. said it may just be a matter of finding the right brand, so the search continues!

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