Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Eve 2010

On New Years Eve the 5 of us decided to hit the mall to make a few last returns and to let Grace play at the indoor play area. By the time we got to the mall Grace had fallen asleep, so Cole stayed in the car with Grace, while I took the babies to make my returns and browse.

First I hit Macy's to return a duplicate casserole dish we had gotten, because it was a seasonal item I only got $6.80 back for it, so I hit the baby section to look for some Christmas clothes for the babies for next year. I managed to find to holiday outfits for Carter, that came to 6.90, so I only had to spend $0.10..yay!
The 2 outfits I scored for $0.10!
Then I decided to hit up Old Navy's clearance section. I found 3 (matching) Christmas shirts for the girls. I got 6 shirts total and only spent $6.20..woohoo!
They may hate me later in life for the matching clothes, but I love them!
All my loot for a grand total of $7.10! Love it!
After the mall we went home made some dinner and got Grace ready for bed. Before we put her to bed though we had a little fake New Years celebration with her. I dug out some party hats and noise makers, then found the ball drop from last year, so we counted down with the video, then we all had some "champagne" aka sparkling grape juice.
"Ugh, I'm not counting down now, I plan on being up at midnight guys!"

Grace loved her "champagne!"

What toddler doesn't love making as much noise as possible!?

The babies weren't impressed with our celebration.
After Grace went to bed Cole, I , and 2 cranky babies snuggled up to watch "Eat Pray Love." I think I need to either watch it again or read the book, I feel like it would be something I'd really love, but I think having 2 crying babies off and on, made it difficult to fully appreciate everything that was being said.