Sunday, January 9, 2011

"That's Gross!"

This has become Grace's new favorite phrase! Here are a few of our conversations from today alone:

(Convo #1)
Grace: "Daddy kisses before you go!"
Cole gives Grace a kiss before leaving for hockey
Grace: "Gross Daddy, brush your teeth!"
Haha the best part is that Cole just brushed his teeth! This sent Cole into a panic about his breath, he made me smell his breath and his beard before he would leave. (He smelt fine by the way!)

(Convo #2)
Grace was giving Emma kisses on the mouth and Emma kept smiling, just as I was tearing up from the display of sisterly love Grace yells "Eww, that's gross!" and wipes her mouth and moves on to playing with her dolls. sigh, well it was a sweet moment for a second!

(Convo #3)
 Grace was watching Beauty and the Beast (for the millionth time!) and she said "Mama, sheep eat Belle's book! That's gross! Eat own food sheep!"

(Convo #4)
Grace was telling Cassie about how EI is coming tomorrow and decided she needed to say "Mama vacuum rug, it's gross!" Thanks kiddo, I do need to vacuum before EI comes and sits on the floor.

Such a silly girl! Toddlers are silly, strange creatures!

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