Thursday, January 20, 2011

Carter's ENT Update

Cole just called me and him and Carter are on their way home from the ENT. Things went well, there is thankfully no tumor or blockage causing Carter's breathing problems. They put a spaghetti size scope down Carter's nose and throat to get a good look at everything. The doctor said that he is full of mucous, I guess the mixture of his cold and reflux, so it was hard to see everything at first. It looks like his muscles are firing properly when crying, because he was obviously freaking out during the scope, but that they might not be firing right when he is calm, leading to the crazy sounds. Unfortunately or fortunately there isn't really anything to do for this, we just have to kind of wait until he grows out of it. The doctor did prescribe a steroid that we are to put in his nose twice a day. She said this could work great or it could just be more of a nuisance then anything, if that's the case we'll just stop using it and wait for Carter to out grow it. We have an appointment to go back in 2 weeks and see how the steroids are working. Such a sigh of relief!

As a completely funny side note I was talking to Emma and called her a peanut, Grace got very mad at me and said "Emma no p-nus, Emma have gina!" Grace thought I was calling Emma a penis and was mad because Emma has a vagina...oh silly Gracie!

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