Friday, January 28, 2011

Potty Training Day 5

Day, this potty training stuff is hard work! I'm exhausted from running back and forth to and from the potty every 2 minutes, but I must say Grace is doing great! Grace only had 1 accident today and it was while dancing and she had pants on with her undies for the first time, so I think that just threw her off. We actually ventured out of the house today with Grace in undies and she managed to stay dry the WHOLE time, not one accident!! She even peed on the big potty at Target! We did have several false alarms...which meant 5 potty trips while at Target, 2 attempts on the potty in the car (yes we brought a potty for the car), and 1 stop on  the side of the road to try the potty again.

We are still working on getting the poop on the potty thing down, she hasn't had any accidents as far as poop go today, but she also hasn't pooped today. I think she's a little apprehensive about pooping on the potty, so she's holding it in as long as she can.

Potty training is interfering with naps and bed time though, because every 5 minutes she yells that she has to pee! I don't want to discourage her going on the potty so EVERY time she yells for the potty, we go. So far she has missed her nap today and she's going to bed 2 hours later tonight because she's been trying to poop for the last hour, she did manage to poop a little, but not quite enough.

Why can't potty training be one of those things that kids just learn to do naturally on their own?! Every time I want to give up and just put Grace in a diaper for just an hour, I think about all the work we've put in thus far and would hate for all this work to go to waste.

We let Grace pick out a prize at Target today for filling up her potty chart....she picked a toy broom, yup, not a Barbie or a baby, but a broom! As a side note we have saved so much money on diapers this week, but Grace is making up the difference my using a ridiculous amount of toilet paper every time she wipes!

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