Friday, January 14, 2011

Weight Loss & Rescheduling

Well, unfortunately the babies were supposed to meet with the GI specialist on Tuesday, but we ran into some problems. Cole called the hospital on Monday to see if we needed to pre-register the babies, well the receptionist didn't have us on the schedule for a consult, they had us scheduled for a crazy procedure, which the receptionist told us would be quite elaporate and would involve sedation and catheterizing. When Cole explained we were just suppose to be meeting with a doctor for a consult, the receptionist called our pediatrician  to find out what was going on. Apparently they scheduled the meeting wrong, so our doctor is now sending us to see a specialist at Children's in Boston, but we aren't able to get in until February, which stinks.

But, in other news, this Wednesday had been a week since I started dieting, and thus far I've lost 8.7 pounds, which makes me very happy! So far, I'm just counting calories and trying to stay within a range. I haven't been able to add in exercise to my plan yet, but would like to. I plan on just trying to take this new lifestyle slow and steady so that I actually stick with it this time.

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