Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where's the reset button?

It's only 11am and I need a reset button today.  So far today....both babies have needed impromptu baths, Emma has since puked all over herself, me, and the pack n play, after I already changed and cleaned everyone and everything, requiring me to do it all again... The belt in our brand new vacuum broke while I was vacuuming this morning, and I had just started and didn't vacuum yesterday, so the floor is gross!... We were all rushing around trying to get Cole and Carter out of the house in time to get into Boston for Carter's ENT appointment without hitting traffic... Grace whacked me in the face with her cereal bowl...and the best part Grace managed to stuff a cheerio in her nose when I wasn't looking...nice, luckily I was able to fish it out without having to take her to the doctor's. To top it all off I didn't have a chance to eat breakfast or drink my coffee until now, so all this happened while un-caffeinated!

Grace is now laying down for a mandatory "rest" time, which will hopefully turn into a nap and I'm trying to convince Emma to take a nap as well, so that Mama can take a minute to breathe...where's my reset button?

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